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Our Products

Please see a listing of our products below.  These products are powered by our in-house CBD extraction, and are currently available for purchase. Contact us at to place an order

CBD Lemonade power .jpg

500mg CBD Lemonade: (Retail $40)

Ultra-fast acting (water soluble) CBD lemonade powder perfect for incorporating into your daily routine. Simply add 1 scoop to 16oz of water, shake (or stir), and enjoy a 25mg dose of CBD in a tasty lemonade beverage. Each 8oz container holds 20 servings of CBD lemonade. THC Free. 

450mg Beverage Enhancer: (Retail $35)

Ultra-fast acting (water soluble) CBD for immediate relief. CBD extracted with supercritical CO2 and refined to a nano particle size; improving bioavailability and absorption. Each 15ml tincture bottle is filled with 450mg of water soluble CBD, with each dropper serving a 30mg dose of CBD. With minimal taste, this is perfect for adding to any beverage for immediate relief. THC free.

400mg Capsules: (Retail $20)

Vegetarian capsules filled with organic (MOFGA-certified) hemp CO2 extract and MCT oil. These capsules are precisely dosed at 20mg of full spectrum CBD per capsule. Container holds 20 capsules for a total count of 400mg CBD. <.3% THC

1200mg Tincture: (Retail $40)

Organic (MOFGA-certified) hemp extracted with supercritical CO2, and filled into a 30ml dropper bottle with MCT oil for fast absorption. This tincture holds 1200mg of full spectrum CBD, with each 1ml dropper serving a 40mg dose of CBD. <.3% THC

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